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A set of water treatment solutions worth USD 20000

Why is it worth USD 20000? I’m wasting more than USD 20000, because I’m wasting more than USD 20000.
Now the scheme is shared as follows. Not to save money for friends in the same industry, but for the good of the country. As the general secretary said, green mountains and green waters are golden mountains and silver mountains. If you get this information and add this set of water treatment scheme, it is the blessing of the country.

  • Function: the waste water after vibration cleaning, grinding or ultrasonic treatment of metal parts is treated and recycled.
  • Objective: wastewater reuse and zero discharge
  • Significance: reduce pollution, environmental protection mission
  • Applicable to: applicable to companies in the same industry like us.

To get to the point, the draft design is as follows:


The actual working diagram is as follows:


The working principle and process are as follows:
Usage method:

  • 1. The sewage generated after the vibrator cleans the product flows directly into the sinking waste water tank.
  • 2. Add PAC into the waste water tank for mixing, and pump the sewage containing alum into the filter press through the lifting pump to separate oil sludge and clean water. The sludge is collected and then recycled by outsourcing.
  • 3. As for clean water, part of it enters the vibrator again to participate in the first and second cleaning of the product. The above steps form a small cycle.
  • 4. Another part of the clean water enters the water treatment equipment for secondary purification. It is said that the water after secondary purification can be drunk directly – even if it’s not bad for the money for drinking water.
  • 5. The water after secondary purification will participate in the last cleaning of the product again. The above steps form a large cycle.

Cost and composition

  • 1. First of all, you have to dig a hole underground and do a good job of waterproof: a screen is laid above the hole to prevent people from falling.
  • 2. Buy another filter press and put it above the hole and a frame under the filter press.
  • 3. Buy a set of water treatment equipment and two water tanks.

Then connect some water pipes, water pumps, gas pipes, etc., which will not be repeated. The total cost above is about USD 17000-18000. Oh, by the way, now that you have browsed here, it means that you have obtained the experience information fee with the price of 10000 for free. In general, you have made a net profit of USD 12000 or 13000. Is it very cost-effective?



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