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ANSI-API American valve standard

[ANSI B16.5] – steel flanges and flanged fittings;
[ANSI B16.10] – structural length of iron, steel and valve;
[ANSI B16.11] – forged steel pipe fittings with socket welding connection and threaded connection;
[ANSI b16.20] – ring washer and groove for steel pipe flange;
[ANSI B16.25] – butt welded ends;
[ANSI B16.34] – steel valves;
[ASTM A105] – carbon steel forgings;
[ASTM A126] – gray iron castings for valves, flanges and fittings;
[ASTM A182] – forged and rolled alloy steel parts;
[ASTM A193] – alloy steel bolts;
[ASTM A194] – carbon steel and alloy steel nuts;
[ASTM A216] – carbon steel castings;
[ASTM A217] – alloy steel castings;
[ASTM a232] – quality standard of chromium vanadium alloy spring steel wire for valves;
[ASTM a276] – Stainless heat resistant steel bar profiles;
[ASTM A320] – low temperature alloy steel bolts;
[ASTM A350] – carbon steel and low alloy steel forgings for pipes;
[ASTM a351] – stainless steel castings;
[ASTM a352] – low temperature carbon steel and alloy steel castings;
[ASTM A479] – alloy steel bars and sections;
[ASTM A488] – qualification conditions for welding procedure of castings;
[ASTM A540] – special alloy steel bolts;
[MSS sp25] – marks of valves, pipe fittings, flanges and pipe joints;
[MSS sp53] – quality standards for steel castings such as valves, flanges, pipe joints and other pipe fittings;
[MSS sp53] – radiographic inspection standard for steel castings such as valves, flanges, pipe joints and other pipe fittings;
[MSS sp55] – visual inspection for the appearance of steel castings such as valves, flanges and pipe joints;
[API 6D] – Specification for pipeline valves;
[API 526] – steel flanged safety valves for petroleum refining industry;
[API 527] – General requirements of metal to metal sealing surface safety valve;
[API 528] – safety valve nameplate standard;
[API 598] – iron gate valve with flange connection;
[API 600] – steel gate valve with flange or timing connection;
[API 602] – small diameter compact carbon steel gate valve with necking.



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