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Article number and name of internal system

The standard

1. A commodity has two attributes: article number and name. Article number is the only and authoritative description of the goods.

2. Principles of commodity classification:

Level 1: material

Level 2: standards

Level 3: Specifications

The classification of the first and second levels is only catalog classification, which is equivalent to the meaning of folder, and the third level is the final product. It is strictly prohibited to create or generate final goods in the first and second classes.

3. Specification of material number name for these three grades:

The first level:

The article number The name of the
304 SUS304 stainless steel
316 SUS316 stainless steel
303 SUS303 stainless steel
410 SUS410 stainless iron
10B21 10 b21 carbon steel
4.8 4.8 on the Richter scale
8.8 8.8 on the Richter scale
10.9 10.9 on the Richter scale
12.9 12.9 on the Richter scale
1215 1215 fast cutting steel
1144 1144 fast cutting steel
3604 C3604 brass
6063 6063 aluminum
PA66 PA66 nylon
QT .

The last term, QT, means something else and is named “. Instead, raw materials, products without specific material properties, and relatively rare materials belong to this category, such as non-loose, various tools, red copper products, titanium products, etc. There are 15 items, that’s all. Write them down.

The second level:

The article number The name of the instructions
DIN933 Outer hexagon bolts DIN933 The most common
DIN934 Hexagon nuts DIN934
DIN912 Hexagon socket screw DIN912
GB5783 External hexagon bolts GB5783
GB818-85 Cross pan head screws GB818-85 Article number with year (there are only these 10 kinds at present)
GB819-85 Cross countersunk head screws GB819-85
GB818-76 Cross pan head screws GB818-76
GB819-76 Cross countersunk head screws GB819-76
GB845-85 Cross pan head tapping screws GB845-85
GB846-85 Cross countersunk head tapping screws GB846-85
GB845-76 Cross pan head tapping screws GB845-76
GB846-76 Cross countersunk head tapping screws GB846-76
GB70-85 Hexagon socket screws GB70-85
GB70-76 Hexagon socket screws GB70-76
GB9074.4 Cross pan head triple assembly screws GB9074.4 Article number with decimal point
GB9074.17 Hexagon triple combination screw GB9074.17
AISIB18.2.1 External hexagon bolts ANSIB18.2.1 The American system
CLS Rivet nut CLS Pressure riveting class
FHS Pressure riveting screw FHS
Anti-theft screw Anti-theft screw Can’t find the standard number, but it’s a standard
To order products To order products Completely non-standard products
… omit

The article number is the standard number we use everyday

There are only 10 kinds with the year, because the products sold at present do have the year, other standards will be added if they meet the year.

If it is a standard product but there is no standard number, use Chinese as the article number

The article number is not allowed to have a space, and there is a space between the Chinese name and the standard number, and a space between the attributes of the name, the same as below.

There are many kinds of standards and the number is not increasing. The above is only an example. Please check the details in the system. The standard number needs to be noted down.

The third stage:

The article number The name of the instructions
M6*16 M6*16 Screw type
M6-1.25 – M6-1.25 – The tooth is apart from the special
A quarter – 20 * 3/8 A quarter – 20 * 3/8 American
M6 * 16 galvanized M6 * 16 galvanized A plating
M3-0 M3-0 Pressure riveting
440-2 440-2
3.5 M3-6 3.5 M3-6
M6*16P10010522 M6*16 P10010522 Bring customer material number
M3 * 6.35 * 3.01 M3 * 6.35 * 3.01 Custom products (round)
H6.35 * 3.01 H6.35 * 3.01 Custom products (hexagon without thread)
M3 * 4.5 * 9 M3 * 4.5 * 9 GB809 series
M3 * H4.75 * 16 + 6 M3 * H4.75 * 16 + 6 Yin and Yang are stud
M3 * H4.75 * 16 M3 * H4.75 * 16 Two-way stud
T321 T321 Simply only material number

Here the article number and name are completely consistent (except space)

Suffix description:

1 Suffixes are allowed here (level 3 classification), including product description and plating customer part number (multiple suffixes in this order).

2 no plating suffix default for the surface color (except pressure riveting, pressure riveting according to the industry default)

3 Other insufficient expression can be suffixed.


Here are some examples of article numbers and names:

304DIN933M5*8 SUS304 stainless steel hexagon bolts DIN933 M5*8
304 clsm2. 5 to 0 SUS304 stainless steel rivet nut CLS M2.5-0
304GB809M3*5*10 SUS304 stainless steel insert round nut GB809 M3*5*10


304 ansib18. 2.23/8-1617 – s – 10301037-581 Hexagon thin nuts SUS304 stainless steel ANSIB18.2.2 3/8-16 17s-10301037-581
304GB819-85M4*8 SUS304 Stainless steel Cross countersunk head screws GB819-85 M4*8
304GB819-85m2 *3 head outer diameter less than 3.2 SUS304 stainless steel cross countersunk head screws GB819-85 M2*3 head outer diameter less than 3.2
303 sos3. 5 m3-5 SUS303 Stainless steel through hole pressure riveting stud SOS 3.5m3-5
1215 Fixed products 12*3 Quick cutting steel products 12*3
1215 Fixed product 13* 12.7my140DW-2-20303 1215 Fast cutting steel products 13* 12.7my140DW-2-20303

Other instructions

1. SO and SOO two standards to distinguish: length 10 (excluding 10) only SO, length 10 (including) above the full thread is called SOO, half thread is called SO. Same with stainless steel.



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