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DIN 1629 Standard Specification​

What is DIN 1629 standard?

DIN 1629 is a standard specification outlining the requirements for seamless round pipes made of non-alloy and alloy steels. The standard is applicable to various industries, such as the construction and mechanical engineering sectors, and applies to pipes with diameters ranging from 4 mm to 260 mm.
One of the main advantages of the DIN 1629 standard is to ensure consistent quality and dimensions of seamless round pipes. This is achieved through a series of tests and checks carried out on the tubes during the manufacturing process. These tests include checks on dimensional accuracy, chemical composition and mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and elongation.
The DIN 1629 standard also provides guidelines for the production of seamless round tubes, including the use of appropriate metal materials, manufacturing methods and heat treatment processes. This helps to ensure that the tubes produced are of high quality and suitable for their intended application.
DIN 1629 covers three different types of seamless round tubes. type I tubes are made of non-alloy steel and are mainly used in the construction industry. type II tubes are made of alloy steel and are used in mechanical engineering applications. type III tubes are made of special alloy steel and are used for the production of seamless round tubes for special applications.
In summary, DIN 1629 is a widely recognized and respected standard that ensures consistent quality and dimensions of seamless round tubes. It provides guidelines for the production process and covers three types of tubes to meet the needs of different industries. Compliance with this standard helps to ensure that the tubes produced are suitable for their intended use and meet the necessary quality and safety requirements.

DIN 1629 Standard Specification

DIN 1629 Seamless Circular Unalloyed Steel Tubes Subject to special requirements.

In keeping with current practice in standards published by the International Organization for Standardization (IS a comma has been used throughout as the decimal marker.

The subclauses marked with a single dot give specifications which are to be agreed upon at the time of ordering.
The subclauses marked with a two dots give specifications which optional and may be agreed upon at the time of ordering.

1. Field of application

1.1 This standard applies to seamless circular tubes and pipes(hereinafter briefly referred to as “tubes”) made of unalloyed steels as listed in table 1. These tubes are predominantly used in the constructin of chemical plant, vessels, pipework and for general mechanical engineering purposes. They are designed to meet high performance requirements. Normally there are no limiting vaiues or the maximum permissible working pressure of these tubes. The permissi l working temperature shall not exceed 300℃ are specified in Appendix A.)

The limits of application and other specifications given in this standard shall apply except in cases here other specifications are contained in codes of practice for specific fields of application, e.g. the Technische Regeln fur Dampfkessel (TRD) (Technical rules on steam boilers) or the Technische Regeln fur Druckbehalter (TRB)
(Technical rules on pressure vessels), AD-Merkblatter (AD Instrucation sheets).

1.2 This standard does not apply to

  • Seamless circular unalloyed steel tubes subject to special requirements(DIN 1629);
  • Seamless circular steel tubes for structural steelwork (see DIN 17121);
  • Seamless creep-resisting steel tubes (see DIN 17175);
  • Seamless precision steel tubes (see DIN 2391 Part 2);
  • Medium-weight threaded steel tubes (see DIN 2440);
  • Heavyweight threaded steel tubes (see DIN 2441).

2. Classification into grades

This standard covers tubes made from the steel grade shown in table 2.
The selection of the steel grade is at the purchaser’s discretion

Outside diameter damm
Maximum permissible

working pressure




working temperature


To be suppled



da≤219,1 64 300¹) DIN 500 49 – 2.2
219.1<da≤660 25
da>660 16
Any 160 300¹)
DIN 50049 – 3.1 A

or DIN 50049 – 3.1 B

or DIN 50049 – 3.1C

¹) See Appsndix A for stregth characteristics

Research use only,Commercial use is prohibited.



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