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How to do if the corner valve tap is broken in the wall

Recently, my friend encountered a problem: when I changed the faucet, I accidentally broke the faucet in the wall, and there was no water. I tried several methods, but it didn’t work, and finally it was fixed.
This kind of thing is quite common, many people must have experienced it, so how to deal with it? The maintenance master told us some simple methods, and I’ll share them with you.

Why did the corner valve tap break in the wall?

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Generally speaking, there are two main reasons for the faucet breaking in the wall: one is the poor quality of the faucet, and the other is the improper force for dismantling.

The quality of the corner valve tap is not good

The quality of the faucet itself is not good, and the installation is too tight, so it is very easy to break when dismantling later. It is suggested that you should go to the regular building materials market to buy the faucet. At the same time, when installing, it should be just right.

Excessive force during disassembly

The faucet will break in the wall, most of the reason is that the dismantling force is too strong. When dismantling, you can drop a little liquid on the screw thread, and then wait for a while to dismantle.

What if the corner valve tap is broken in the wall?

The reason why the faucet will break in the wall has been mentioned above. Next, I will tell you some simple and effective methods, which you can refer to.
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1. First, use a saw blade to cut three or four slots on the faucet part in the wall, and then use a screwdriver to knock it out, OK.
But I want to remind you that when you use a saw, you should be careful not to hurt the thread inside the water pipe. When I saw it, I saw a groove on the top, the bottom, the left and the right, which hurt the silk lines on the left. It doesn’t matter much if I wrap a Teflon band around it.
2. It’s less than 1 yuan to buy a hacksaw blade, with an average of 4 yuan. After sawing out four lines, take a screwdriver and hammer to knock out the inside. It’s finished in less than 20 minutes.
3. Go to the hardware store to buy a tool called “broken thread extractor”. Insert it into the broken part of the thread, turn it counterclockwise, and use even force to remove the broken screw.

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4. The screw driver and vice often used at home can be inserted into the broken part of the wire mouth and turned counter clockwise. If the force is even, the broken screw can be taken out.

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The above are some relatively simple methods, and I would like to remind you that the faucet is turned on anticlockwise and turned off clockwise, whether it is placed upside down or horizontally.

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