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How to find the best pressed flange manufacturer

What is a pressed flange?

Pressed flange is the use of the same material as the pipe plate with stamping die stamping into ring flange. General pressed flange contains higher carbon (C) is harder, the higher the strength, but lower plasticity.

Before buying pressed flanges, we should first understand the classification of pressed flanges and their use.

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The classification of pressed flange

  • Stamped flange according to the material is divided into: carbon steel pressed flange, stainless steel pressed flange, alloy steel pressed flange;
  • Stamped flange according to the standard is divided into: national standard pressed flange, German standard pressed flange, American standard pressed flange, British standard pressed flange.

The use of pressed flange

Stamped flange is used in the pipeline system of petroleum, natural gas, chemical, water and electricity, construction and boiler industries. Pressed loose plange is a kind of pressed flange, refers to the neck and has a round pipe transition and butt welding connection with the pipe flange. It is not easy to deformation, good sealing, wide application, suitable for pressure or temperature fluctuations in the pipeline or high temperature, high pressure and low temperature pipeline, the advantage is cheaper, nominal pressure does not exceed 2.5MPa; also used to transport expensive, flammable, explosive media pipeline, nominal pressure in the PN16MPa or so.

The production process of pressed flange

Pressed flange is a processing method of making stainless steel plate produce permanent deformation or separation under the action of pressure by using stamping equipment and die to make various metal plates or objects of different specifications into parts with required flange shape.

Stamped flange into cold stamping and hot stamping, usually according to the nature of the material and equipment capacity to choose cold stamping or hot stamping. Cold extrusion flange forming process is the use of special flange forming machine, the pipe billet into the outer die, the upper and lower die after closing the mold, in the push rod, the pipe billet along the inner and outer die reserved gap movement and complete the forming process.

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Advantages of stamped flange

  • Stamped flange compared with other work methods, whether in technology or in economic efficiency, have many advantages.
  • Flange stamping high production efficiency, suitable for mass production of objects.
  • Low cost of pressed flanges, with lower average processing cost.
  • flange stamping products with high precision, most products do not need to go through secondary processing.
  • Stamped flanges contribute to shortening the process time and making the delivery time more stable
  • Flange stamping rigid good size stability, stamping processing can improve product stability and yield.

Disadvantages of stamped flange

  • Stamped flange and other processing methods compared to the disadvantages of stamping processing.
  • A small number of diverse, stamping processing must be stamping die to make it shaped, the high cost of the mold must be a large number of manufacturing amortization of mold costs.
  • Large differences in thickness of the object can not be manufactured, in the case of large differences in thickness must be forged or aluminum extrusion completed in the application of stamping process cutting edge or punching.

There are so many pressed flange suppliers in the market, it is difficult to decide which one you should choose. That’s why we’re here to tell you about the stamped flange manufacturing plants, what they offer, how they can benefit your home or business, and reviews from real customers who use them.
Yaang manufactures stamped flanges in carbon and low temperature steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless steel, titanium, nickel based alloys and other metals.
Yaang is a leading manufacturer of stamped flanges. We provide high quality products and customer service to all of our customers, regardless of the size or location of their business.Yaang is a company that has been manufacturing stamped flanges for over 30 years. We continue to grow and develop because we take pride in providing quality products and excellent customer service. Our company has the fastest shipping times on the market, which means you can have your product in a matter of days.

How do I find a reputable supplier of pressed flanges?

Choosing a pressed flange supplier is not difficult because many pressed flange companies offer the same services. It is important to do some research before deciding what to buy so you know exactly what you are getting.

Stamped flange costs

The more business your company operates in volume, the higher the prices and discounts it will receive from suppliers. To begin your search for the right pressed flange supplier, contact several local businesses that sell similar products or services and ask who they buy them from.

Check reviews of online wholesalers

Because many suppliers are out there, you can quickly check their online reviews to see how they are doing. If possible, you should take negative or positive reviews with a grain of salt, rather than just looking at the number of stars customers have given them. After all, many people are often biased against or against a company, and their reviews may not be entirely accurate.

Call Stamping Flange Company

The best way to determine if a supplier is a good fit for your business is to call them directly. This will give you an idea of their customer service, how knowledgeable they are about their products, and whether they are willing to work with you to find the right solution for your needs.

Quality Control

All of our stamped flanges are manufactured in-house and we have a team of experienced professionals who perform rigorous quality control testing on each stamped flange before it leaves the factory. This ensures that you always receive a product that meets your expectations. Tests include original appearance tests, physical properties, electrical properties, dimensional inspections, etc.
Yaang is a professional pressed flange manufacturer and supplier with rich experience in pressed flange production. We supply a wide range of stamped flanges. Our products have won good reputation from domestic and foreign customers for high quality and competitive price.

How to choose the right type of pressed flange according to your needs?

When purchasing pressed flanges, pressed flange purchasers should consider the following points.

  • 1. To choose the appropriate flange material for the material of the pipeline, such as stainless steel pipeline is certainly not allowed to choose carbon steel and other flanges.
  • 2. According to the nominal diameter of the pipeline (DN) and the nominal pressure of the entire pipeline system sections of the pipeline (PN) to choose the appropriate flange, the current international pipe flange basically using the American standard system and the European standard system.
  • 3. According to the specific working conditions to choose the flange structure form: such as live sleeve pressed flange, etc., the form of sealing surface has a sudden surface, full plane, concave and convex surface, etc..
  • 4. For non-standard parts, need to be designed and manufactured according to the flange specification design procedures.

Where can I buy pressed flanges?

Many pressed flange supplier companies offer various types of pressed flanges, so finding one shouldn’t be too difficult. The best thing you can do is to talk to your local supplier or a business that sells a similar product to see who they are buying from.
To make sure that the pressed flange will work properly in any situation, be sure to buy from a pressed flange company that offers a warranty and return policy in case there is a problem.
Yaang stamping flange has a professional team including sales managers, engineers and technicians for pressed flange design development, project management, quality control, pressed flange production, pressed flange delivery, etc. Yaang stamping flange will be your best pressed flange supplier in China if you are looking for wholesale pressed flange, cheap pressed flange, or custom pressed flange.

The importance of quality control in the manufacturing process of pressed flanges.

Quality is one of the most important factors in the manufacturing of pressed flanges. It all starts from purchasing high quality raw materials to installing a strong quality control staff at every stage of the pressed flange manufacturing process, which means that the appearance of the pressed flange, dimensions, etc. should have strict standards.
Yaang pressed flanges ensure the quality of pressed flanges through pressed flange raw material inspection system, pressed flange manufacturing process monitoring and pressed flange testing.

Quality control system of Yaang pressed flange

We have a strict quality control system of pressed flanges for all stages of pressed flange production to ensure that the products are qualified before leaving the factory. Our pressed flange inspection includes two parts: one is the appearance inspection and the other is the performance test.
Stamped flange production process according to the use of raw materials for steel plate situation, in all production processes, material inspection, heat treatment, dimensional testing, nondestructive testing, mechanical properties is the key process of pressed flange quality assurance, supervision in carrying out supervision work, should be focused on.

Stamped flange production process supervision points

  1. Material inspection: raw materials mainly include steel plates, etc., check the steel plate markings, specifications, steel grade, furnace number, pipe number, appearance and size, etc. match the project situation, check the quality certificate and physical identification consistency and technical conformity, witness raw material sampling and physical and chemical re-inspection is in accordance with the provisions. 
  2. Feeding: According to the different forming methods of pressed flange, check whether the size of pressed flange feeding is in line with the feeding drawing. 
  3. Forming: According to the different forming methods of pressed flanges, check the implementation of process documents in forming. Such as heating temperature, forming times, heating time, etc. Pan head, rounding: check the conformity of the pan head, roundness after rounding, etc. with the process documents.
  4. Heat treatment: check the heating temperature, heating speed, holding temperature, holding time, cooling mode, heat treatment curve and other parameters and heat treatment process consistency. 
  5. Surface treatment: Check the sandblasting equipment, sandblasting particles, and whether the sandblasting meets Sa2.5 requirements. 
  6. End face machining: check the machining process, the size after machining. Dimensional inspection: check the appearance, wall thickness, pipe diameter, bevel, etc.
  7. Nondestructive testing: general non-destructive testing of pressed flanges includes magnetic particle testing and ultrasonic testing, check the flaw detection instrument, flaw detection method, sensitivity, inspection site, nondestructive testing report, etc. Mechanical properties: check the sampling and physical and chemical tests (chemical, tensile, impact’ hardness, bending, metallurgical, etc.), physical and chemical reports, etc. Marking: check the content of the logo, logo form. Package storage: Check the packaging form, warehouse environmental conditions. 
  8. Product shipment: Check whether the factory information is complete and complete, and whether the lifting has obvious bump.

Batch test

Stamped flange group batch test is to ensure that the pressed flange to meet the physical and chemical properties of the key. Stamped flange group batch test sampling principles must be strictly in accordance with the standard implementation, such as GB/T13401 provides group batch principle: the same raw material grade, the same melting furnace number, similar raw material specifications (wall thickness difference of not more than 1mm) and the same heat treatment process of the pressed flange, the factories in order to save costs, often do not follow the group batch principle group batch or even in the unsupervised project without group batch mechanical test This causes a high probability of pressed flange quality problems, supervision process to focus on the number of samples to meet the standard requirements.
Stamped flange supervision of typical problems

Raw materials

Raw materials are mainly confusing market, difficult to purchase, the second best, pressed flange specifications are more mixed, resulting in a variety of corresponding raw material specifications, and the amount of each specification is not large, bringing great difficulty to the factory to order raw materials. Such as: steel mills to order raw materials are generally in bulk, the amount is too small steel mills are reluctant to process, even if the processing also requires a long period of time, so a small part of the raw materials are difficult to order from the regular steel plant to the goods, small plant quality assurance is not enough, in addition to this also prolonged the production cycle of the pressed flange. Stamped flange raw materials market is relatively chaotic, many raw material intermediaries on the product steel grade, material changes at will, spraying standard, the quality of raw materials certificate forgery, mixed, substitution situation is endless, therefore, raw material identification, material list is difficult to distinguish true from false, does not have traceability.

Physical and chemical test

Physical and chemical testing is mainly manifested in the large number of tests, factory implementation of the discount. Stamped flange specifications are more mixed, the raw materials used in the melting batch, resulting in a large number of pressed flange group batch physical and chemical testing, coupled with the pressed flange physical and chemical test is a destructive test, which to a certain extent increased the production costs. Manufacturers to save costs, often in the absence of supervision in the case of desperate measures, not to do the test or less test. Resulting in product performance can not be guaranteed, bringing hidden dangers to the use of safety.

Production capacity

Production capacity is mainly reflected in: incomplete molds, qualified not to produce, weak quality awareness, poor quality of personnel, process documentation is not clear. Stamped flange specifications miscellaneous, the required production equipment and supporting mold tooling is numerous, as far as the current domestic situation, no one pressed flange factory can produce all specifications of the pressed flange. Therefore, the situation of outsourcing the production of pressed flanges is serious, and the qualifications of outsourcing plants are uneven and the management is confusing, which makes quality control difficult and poses risks to product quality.


In this article, we have discussed many things that a pressed flange buyer should consider when screening for a suitable pressed flange supplier.Yaang pressed flange company offers various types of pressed flanges. If you are looking for a suitable pressed flange supplier in your area, Yaang stamping flanges should be your first choice.

You can contact us via email, contact phone or by filling out the form on our website. Contact us today to get a market competitive quote within 24 hours.

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