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How to slit very thin coils

When slitting very thin coils, such as 0.1 mm, 0.08 mm, or even 0.06 mm thick copper and aluminum sheet, sometimes zero clearance between the knives is required. But zero clearance is difficult to obtain, because the thickness error of the most precise slitter knife also has “+” and “-“, also the cumulative error, if the upper and lower slitter knives collide with each other, it will be troublesome. Here we recommend a special method created by an experienced engineer. You might as well try it. Of course, the test conditions require the slitting machine and the slitter knife to be very precise.

how to slit very thin coils - How to slit very thin coils

When the software is based on zero clearance, after the tool allocation plan is released, it must be manually corrected. When making corrections, according to continuous experiments, the width of the female unit should be consciously larger than the male knife side by one “+”, two “+”, or even three “+” and four “+”. What are the “+” and “-” of the knife will be explained later.
The thickness error of the knife provided by the precision knife manufacturer is ± 1 μm. In order to further improve the accuracy, they deliberately divided the 2 μm tolerance zone into three sections during tool inspection, -1 ~ -0.33 μm is “-“, -0.33- +0.33 μm is “0”, and +0.33 ~+ 1 μm is “+” in order to match each other and try to eliminate the error of each unit and the accumulated error in the future. Based on this, theoretically, the average value of a “+” should be +0.33 μm, and the average value of a “-” should be -0.33 μm. If you consciously make the female unit two “+” larger than the male unit, the theoretical clearance between the upper and lower knife is 0.33 μm. If it is the big three “+”, its theoretical clearance is 1 μm. This is the development of the use of software, and software alone cannot achieve such an effect.

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