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JIS G3454 Standard Specification​

What is JIS G3454 Standard?

JIS G3454 standard, also known as the Japanese Industrial Standard for Carbon Steel Pipe, is a set of guidelines and specifications for the manufacture and testing of carbon steel pipe for various industrial applications.
One of the main advantages of the JIS G3454 standard is that it ensures the quality and consistency of carbon steel pipes, which helps to reduce the risk of pipe failure or defects. This is especially important for industries that rely heavily on the strength and durability of carbon steel pipes, such as the construction and oil and gas industries.
JIS G3454 standard covers a wide range of carbon steel pipes, including pipes with diameters from 15.88mm to 660.4mm and thicknesses from 2.4mm to 25.4mm. The standard also includes specifications for chemical composition and mechanical properties of pipes, as well as testing and inspection guidelines.
An important aspect of the JIS G3454 standard is that it requires all carbon steel pipes to undergo a series of tests to ensure that they meet the required specifications. These tests include hydrotest, crush test and bend test. In addition, the standard requires a visual inspection of all pipes to ensure that they are free of defects.
Another advantage of JIS G3454 standard is that it is recognized and accepted by many countries around the world, making it a widely accepted standard for carbon steel pipes. This is beneficial to manufacturers and suppliers who export their products to other countries, as it helps to ensure that their pipes meet the required standards and specifications.
In summary, the JIS G3454 standard is an important set of guidelines and specifications for the manufacture and testing of carbon steel pipes. It helps to ensure the quality and consistency of these pipes, thereby reducing the risk of failure and defects. It is widely recognized and accepted in many countries and has become a valuable standard for manufacturers and suppliers of export products. By adhering to the JIS G3454 standard, manufacturers can ensure that their carbon steel pipes meet the required specifications and are of high quality.

JIS G3454 Standard Specification

JIS G3454 Carbon Steel Pipes for Pressure Service

1. Scope

This Japanese Industrial Standard specifies the carbon steel pipes, hereinafter referred to as the “pipes”, used for pressure service at an approximate maximum temperature of 350℃. The pipes for high pressure service shall be in accordance with JIS G 3455.


1.Pertaining to the electric-resistance welded steel tubes, when previously agreed upon with the manufacturer, the purchaser may designate the supplementary quality requirements Z 3 or Z 4 specified in Appendix, in addition to the items specified in this text.

  • Appendix Z 3 Ultrasonic Examination
  • Appendix Z 4 Eddy Current Examination.

2. The units and numerical values given in { } in this Standard are based on the international System of Units (SI) and are appended for informative reference.

Further, the traditional units accompanied by numerical values in this Standard shall be converted to the SI units and numerical values on Jan. 1, 1991.

2. Grade and Designation

The pipe shall be classified into two grades and their letter symbols shall be as given in Table 1-1 or Table 1-2.

Research use only,Commercial use is prohibited.

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