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JIS G3457 Standard Specification

What is JIS G3457 Standard?

JIS G3457 is a Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) that specifies technical requirements for steel pipes used in oil refineries, chemical plants and other industrial applications. This standard covers both resistance welded (ERW) and seamless pipes and provides guidelines for materials, dimensions, testing and marking.
A key feature of JIS G3457 is its focus on ensuring the safety and reliability of steel pipes in high-pressure environments. The standard includes detailed requirements for materials, including chemical composition, tensile strength and impact resistance. It also includes specific guidelines for pipe dimensions, such as wall thickness and diameter, to ensure that the pipe can withstand the high pressures and temperatures found in industrial environments.
In addition to its focus on safety and reliability, JIS G3457 also includes guidelines for testing and marking of steel pipes. This includes requirements for hydrotesting, crush testing, and bending testing, as well as guidelines for marking pipes with information such as manufacturer’s name, pipe grade, and size.
JIS G3457 is an important standard for ensuring the safety and reliability of steel pipes used in industrial environments. Its guidelines for materials, dimensions, testing, and marking help ensure that these pipes can withstand the high pressures and temperatures found in these environments, while its focus on safety and reliability helps protect workers and equipment.

JIS G3457 Standard Specification

JIS G3457 Arc welded carbon steel pipes.

1. Scope

This Japanese Industrial Standard specifies the arc welded carbon steel pipes (hereafter referred to as “pipes”) used for piping for steam, water, gas, air, etc. of comparatively low working pressure.

2. Normative references

The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this standard. The most recent editions of the standards (including amendments) indicated below shall be applied.

  • JIS G 0320 Standard test methods for heat analysis of steel products
  • JIS 0404 Steel and steel products-General technical delivery requirements
  • JIS 0415 Steel and steel products-Inspection documents
  • JIS 0584 Ultrasonic examination for arc welded steel pipes
  • JIS Z 2201 Test pieces for tensile test for metallic materials
  • JIS Z 2241 Method of tensile test for metallic materials
  • JIS Z 3121 Methods of tensile test for butt welded joints
  • JIS Z 8401 Guide to the rounding of numbers

3. Grade and designation

The pipes shall be classified into one grade and its letter symbol shall be as given in table 1.

4. Method of manufacture

The method of manufacture of pipe shall be as follows:

  • a) The pipes shall be manufactured by spiral seam or straight seam welding. In either case, the internal and external surfaces of the pipe shall be automatic submerged arc welded in a butt joint.
  • b) The pipes shall be either as welded or as cold-expanded after welding, and, as a rule, should not be subjected to heat treatment.
  • c) Both ends of the pipe shall be finished plain ended or bevel ended(1).

Note (I) Unless otherwise specified, the shape of the bevel end shall be as shown in figure 1.

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