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Precautions for installation of solenoid valve of injection molding machine

The installation types of valve components include pipe type, plate type, superposition type and embedded type. The installation methods and requirements are different due to different types.
Superposition integration is to make the valve body into a rectangular shape with standard size, stack the used components on the seat plate, and then tighten it with a pull rod. Because it is characterized by fundamentally eliminating the connecting pipeline between the valve and the valve, the composed system is more simple, centralized and compact, flexible system assembly, and convenient for oil circuit improvement( Tubular and plate valves are now less used.
Installation methods and requirements of hydraulic components:
It is detailed in the product manual. The components have passed the quality inspection and performance test before leaving the factory, and all oil ports are sealed with plastic plugs. A certain number of sealing spare parts attached shall be packed and shipped in plastic bags. Before use, check whether the certificate of conformity, instructions and spare parts are complete, whether there is poor packaging, damage or foreign matter, and whether the oil port is opened. It is best to clean it with kerosene before installation.
Attention shall also be paid during installation: each oil port shall not be connected incorrectly (each oil port of general components shall be marked with words or codes); When installing the motorized control valve pair, be sure to pay attention to the stroke of the cam or cylinder block and the distance between the cam and the valve to avoid damage during commissioning; When installing connecting elements with flanges, the connecting screws shall be tightened appropriately. If they are tightened too tightly, the sealing will be poor; Some nets have been provided with holes for manufacturing and installation, and the useless shall be blocked after installation; After installation, the spare seals of various components shall be kept well for replacement during maintenance.
The following points must also be noted when installing the solenoid valve:

  • (1) Before installation, carefully check the certificate of conformity and review the instructions for the unsealed solenoid valves, and verify the pressure and tightness of yan if necessary.
  • (2) Find out the orientation of the oil inlet and return port of the valve.
  • (3) If there are no special regulations on the installation position of the valve, it shall be installed at a position convenient for use and maintenance. The direction control valve shall be installed horizontally.
  • (4) For valves installed with flanges, the screws shall not be tightened too tightly to avoid poor sealing.
  • (5) Some valves are provided with holes convenient for manufacturing and installation, and the useless holes shall be blocked after installation.
  • (6) Some valves cannot be purchased during installation, and it is allowed to replace them with solenoid valves with a flow exceeding 40% of the rated flow.

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