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Pressing Technology of the Seamed Eccentric Reducer

A few days ago, our company received a batch of production tasks for the Changqing Oilfield pig launcher, with a tight schedule and heavy tasks. In this equipment, there is a right angle eccentric reducer component, which has a large diameter of 762mm, a small diameter of 610mm, a vertical height of 610mm, and a thickness of 14mm. The metal material is stainless steel 316L. Due to this reducer’s large size and thick thickness, it isn’t easy to process and shape using conventional methods. In order to ensure product quality and delivery on schedule, we have re-improved the manufacturing process of the eccentric reducer.

1. Manufacturing process of seamed eccentric reducer

  • (1) Blanking. The eccentric reducer is unfolded and lofted, as shown in the following figure. To ensure the accuracy of the size of the blanking piece and facilitate subsequent rolling processing, we conduct numerical control programming for it and use a numerical control flame-cutting machine to perform blanking in two parts. We numbered them 1 and 2: 20230323153317 34975 - Pressing Technology of the Seamed Eccentric Reducer
  • (2) Rolling. Use a plate rolling machine to roll the blanking piece 1. First, use a plate rolling machine to roll its A-end, the straight edge portion of the eccentric reducer, to about 4/5 of the blanking piece. Repeat the operation until it meets the eccentric reducer’s size requirements. Then adjust the distance and angle between the upper roll and the lower roll of the plate bending machine, roll the remaining 1/5 of the blanking parts, that is, the bevel part of the eccentric reducer, and roll repeatedly until the reducer meets the size requirements. Use the same method to roll the blanking piece 2.
  • (3) Suppression. The small parts of the rolled workpiece have uneven wall thickness and ovality. Use the prepared pressing template to press the parts that do not meet the requirements of an oil pressure machine.
  • (4) Welding correction. After welding the two pressed workpieces, use a plate bending machine to perform a rounding treatment to fully meet the eccentric reducer’s size requirements.

2. Process characteristics of seamed eccentric reducer

  • (1) Low manufacturing cost and high efficiency. If this eccentric reducer is outsourced for processing, not only will the processing cycle be long, but the cost and material cost will also be high. However, the cost of using this process will be reduced by 50%, and the processing efficiency will be improved several times.
  • (2) The operation is simple, easy to process, and the appearance is beautiful. After processing, the large and small ends completely meet the equipment requirements.


Using a new pressing process to produce an eccentric reducer, the product is beautiful and yields high. Using this process to suppress eccentric reducers has greatly improved production efficiency, reduced costs, and better solved the problems encountered in the production process of eccentric reducers in our company.

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