Best china piping solution supplier:

Best china piping solution supplier

Blind flange, also known as blink flange. It is a connection form of flange. In fact, there is no hole in the middle of the flange. The middle of the blind flange is solid, with bolt holes around it. It looks like an iron cover, so it is also called a flange cover. The stainless steel flange cover is called a stainless steel flange cover. Blind flange can be plane or convex surface, concave convex surface, tenon groove surface and ring connection surface, but it doesn’t have a neck like butt welding flange (what is butt welding flange). In a word, blind flange is used to block the pipe mouth, so that the substance in the pipe will not overflow, and it is generally used at the end of water supply branch pipe. There are also temporary pipe sections that need to be temporarily blocked during pressure test. Some of them are directly valved, and some of the original pipes are not used now, so they are blinded with blind flange.
Blind Flange manufacturer supplies blind flange, industrial blind flange, in alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.

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