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What is a pressed flange

Pressed flange (spanish: brida prensada) is a flange manufactured by stamping forming process, which is different from forged flange. Stamped flange is a flange made of plate with the same material as pipe (with stamping die). It is a flange with novel structural form at present. It is popular in the pipeline component market because of its many advantages such as convenient forming, easy processing and convenient connection, It has been applied in some specific fields.

Characteristics of pressed flange

Pressed flange is a forming and processing method to release external force on steel plate and steel strip by press and abrasive tools to make it plastic deformation or separate, so as to obtain the product workpiece (pressed flange) with required shape and specification. Pressed die and forging are plastic deformation processing (or working pressure processing), collectively referred to as casting. The blank of pressed die is mainly hot-rolled and hot-rolled thick steel plate and strip steel.
Compared with castings and steel castings, pressed flanges are thin, uniform, light and strong. The pressed die can make the product workpiece with rib plate, rib, fluctuation or folding which is difficult to be made by other methods, so as to enhance its stiffness. Because of the use of precision machinery manufacturing, the precision of the product workpiece reaches the millimeter level, with repeated high precision and consistent specifications and models, and can punch the hole and punch of the die.
Pressed die is a high-efficiency processing and manufacturing method. Composite die, especially multi process pressed die, can carry out multi-channel pressed die process on one press to complete the automatic processing and manufacturing from cutting, uncoiling, leveling, cold pressed to forming and casting rolling. The processing and manufacturing is efficient, the working standard is good, and the processing and manufacturing cost is low. Generally, hundreds of pieces can be processed and manufactured per minute.
Pressed flange is mainly made of metal materials or non-metallic materials. It is processed and formed according to the pressed parts of metal molds by relying on the working pressure of the press. It has the following characteristics:

  • 1. The pressed flange is manufactured by pressed die under the condition of low raw material consumption. Its parts have light weight and good bending stiffness. Moreover, after plastic deformation of the plate, the organizational structure in the metal material is improved, so that the compressive strength of the pressed flange is gradually improved.
  • 2. The pressed flange has high precision of overall dimension, is symmetrical and consistent with the specification of the module, and has good tolerance fit. General installation and application regulations can be achieved without further machining and manufacturing.
  • 3. In the whole process of die casting, because the appearance of raw materials will not be damaged, the pressed flange has good surface quality, smooth and beautiful appearance, which provides a convenient standard for surface spraying, electroplating process, phosphating treatment and other surface treatment.

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