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Research on modern machinery manufacturing process and precision machining technology

With China’s socialist economy and social development into a new normal, many aspects of social productivity development need to obtain a higher level of technical support, with modern machinery manufacturing technology and precision machining technology as the representative of high-tech has gained the common attention of many fields. Modern machinery manufacturing technology includes a wide range of gas shielded welding process, resistance welding process and submerged arc welding process are three typical modern machinery manufacturing process. Precision machining technology is reflected in precision cutting technology, precision grinding technology and nanotechnology.

In the context of the rapid development of modern society and economy, the level of manufacturing technology of a country can well reflect the degree of mechanization development of the country, and is also an important basis for the continuous development of the country. Machinery manufacturing is one of the important industries in China.

After 30 years of rapid development, China’s machinery manufacturing industry has been greatly improved, the traditional machinery manufacturing technology can no longer meet the current needs of machinery manufacturing, but also can not meet the standards of precision machining technology, so it is necessary to actively promote the innovation and development of modern machinery manufacturing technology. This paper focuses on the modern machinery manufacturing process, pointing out the type of precision machining technology today, to help the continuous development of modern machinery manufacturing process.

Analysis of modern machinery manufacturing process

Modern machinery manufacturing technology is expressed as the new manufacturing technology, information technology and other modern technologies to integrate and summarize and use the process, so as to meet the development needs of the modern market economy, to carry out efficient, diverse, low-consumption production of manufacturing and processing technology is a general term. It can be seen that the modern machinery manufacturing process involves a lot of content, this paper is a representative of the process technology analysis.

Gas shielding welding process

Gas shield welding is a modern welding process is very widely used in the welding technology, the welding method is the gas as the arc medium, so that the welding process, the arc welding to protect the welding area. The most used gas shield welding today is carbon dioxide gas shield welding, as shown in Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of carbon dioxide gas shield welding work. This welding method requires less operator level, can achieve a more ideal welding speed, while the welding process produces very little light radiation, however, because this welding process requires special equipment, so the actual production costs are high.

Resistance welding process

Resistance welding process indicates the use of a certain amount of pressure to compress the welded material, and the side of the pressure into the welding current, when the current into the surface of the welded material, will produce a large amount of resistance heat in the welding area, so that the two welded materials melt or show properties of the state, this condition of the two materials on the surface of the metal atoms will build a complete metal bond, while in the adjacent areas appear a large number of common Grain, and finally obtain a welded joint and weld, as shown in Figure 2 for the working principle of resistance welding. The resistance welding process has the advantages of very simple operation, fast heating speed and good welding economy. However, the workpiece welded by this welding process can not be inspected using the existing non-destructive testing methods, resulting in more complex maintenance of the equipment in the later application process.
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Figure.1 CO2 gas shielded welding work schematic
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Figure.2 Resistance welding working principle diagram

Submerged arc welding process

This welding process is expressed as the arc in the flux layer burning under the welding method, according to the different welding methods, the submerged arc self-welding into automatic and semi-automatic two. The most widely used today submerged arc welding for automatic welding method, the use of automatic submerged arc welding technology, on the one hand, can ensure the stability of the welding process, you can get a higher welding speed and quality, on the other hand, the welding process will also produce less fume and dust, less environmental pollution.

Analysis of precision machining technology

Precision machining technology is a very good mechanical processing technology, processing accuracy can be controlled in the range of 0.1-1um, surface roughness up to Ra0.01um. with the continuous development of modern machinery manufacturing industry, the application of precision machining technology is more and more extensive.

Precision cutting technology

At the present stage of China’s cutting technology is mainly the use of tools for direct cutting of machined parts, however, this processing method has a certain instability, it is difficult to fully ensure the accuracy of cutting technology, in the actual cutting, there will be the phenomenon of misalignment, cutting displacement deviation. With the application of precision cutting technology, the influence of external factors on the cutting process can be reduced, which helps to improve the cutting accuracy, while being less affected by temperature changes and can avoid cutting deformation. In addition, through the use of precision cutting technology, can be a good way to improve the level of anti-vibration machinery manufacturing process, to prevent the cutting process vibration on the cutting accuracy of the adverse effects, improve the accuracy of cutting processing. A variety of precision cutting technology should be to meet the actual manufacturing needs, and on the basis of this performance, methods and principles of development and innovation, the construction of new precision cutting technology.

Precision grinding technology

Along with the rapid development of modern science and technology level, precision grinding technology has also been a major breakthrough, nowadays, precision grinding technology is more and more widely used in manufacturing, for example, in the process of processing and manufacturing of integrated circuit board wafers, precision grinding technology is used, showing a good application value.


Nanotechnology combines the knowledge of contemporary engineering and physics, and with the deepening of research work, nanotechnology has gained continuous development. Today, nanotechnology is mainly applied to information storage density, showing a very excellent level of application and promoting the further development of information storage generation.


Along with the rapid development of China’s social economy, the traditional machinery manufacturing industry has put forward higher requirements and must develop in the direction of more high-end and more sophisticated. Relevant government departments and enterprises should be to increase the research and development of modern machinery manufacturing technology, promote the close integration of machinery manufacturing technology and precision machining technology, enhance the comprehensive strength of China’s machinery manufacturing industry, and increase the influence of China’s machinery manufacturing products in the international arena.

Author: Cui Na

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