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What is a bursting disc

What is a bursting disc?

Bursting disc is an important safety device for pressure vessels and pipelines. Under the set bursting pressure difference, when the pressure difference on both sides of the bursting disc reaches the preset value, the bursting disc will act immediately (rupture or fall off) and discharge the fluid medium.

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The bursting disc device consists of bursting disc and holder. The bursting disc is an element for bursting and pressure relief under the calibrated bursting pressure and temperature, and the holder is an auxiliary element for clamping the bursting disc at the appropriate part of the container.
The bursting disc safety device has the advantages of simple structure, sensitivity, accuracy, no leakage and strong discharge capacity. It can work reliably in viscous, high temperature, low temperature and corrosive environment. It is also an ideal safety device for ultra-high pressure vessels.
Bursting disc is an important safety device to prevent overpressure damage of pressure equipment. It is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, light industry, metallurgy, nuclear power, dust removal, fire protection, aviation and other industrial departments.

Working principle of bursting disc

Bursting disc device is a pressure relief device that cannot be closed repeatedly. It is started by the static pressure at the inlet and releases the pressure through the rupture of the pressurized membrane.
Simply put, it is a one-time pressure relief device. When the pressure difference on both sides of the bursting disc reaches a predetermined value at the set bursting temperature, the bursting disc can act (rupture or fall off) and release the fluid.

  • ① The action is sensitive, accurate, reliable and leak free.
  • ② There is no limit to the discharge area, and it can adapt to a wide range (such as high temperature, high pressure, vacuum, strong corrosion, etc.).
  • ③ Prominent features and disadvantages such as simple structure and convenient maintenance: the channel cannot be closed after being opened, and all materials are lost.

Characteristics of bursting discs

  • (1) It is applicable to slurry, viscous and corrosive process media, in which case the safety valve does not work;
  • (2) Small inertia, can respond quickly to rapidly rising pressure;
  • (3) In case of fire or other accidents, bursting discs can be used as additional pressure relief devices after the main pressure relief device is opened;
  • (4) Tight without leakage, suitable for pressure vessels containing expensive or toxic media;
  • (5) There are many specifications and models, which can be made of various materials with strong adaptability;
  • (6) Easy to maintain and replace.

Applicable place of bursting disc

  • (1) Places where the working medium in the pressure vessel or pipeline is viscous or easy to crystallize and polymerize, and it is easy to stick or block the safety valve disc and base;
  • (2) The chemical reaction of materials in the pressure vessel may cause the pressure in the vessel to rise sharply at an instant, and the safety valve cannot be opened in time;
  • (3) The working medium in the pressure vessel or pipeline is highly toxic gas or expensive gas, and there may be places where the safety valve may leak, resulting in environmental pollution and waste;
  • (4) Places where pressure vessels and pressure pipelines are required to be fully discharged or unimpeded when fully discharged;
  • (5) Other places not applicable to safety valves but applicable to bursting discs.

Classification of bursting discs

1. Classification according to type
(1) Positive arch bursting disc: the system pressure acts on the concave surface of the bursting disc.

  • Normal arch
  • Arch slotting
  • Positive arch with groove

(2) Reverse arch bursting disc: the system pressure acts on the convex surface of the bursting disc.

  • Reverse arch tool holder
  • Inverted arch crocodile tooth
  • Inverted arch with groove
  • Reverse arch slotting

(3) Flat type: the plane in which the system pressure acts on the bursting disc.

  • Flat ordinary
  • Plate slotting
  • Flat plate with groove

2. Divide according to materials

  • (1) Metals: stainless steel, pure nickel, hastelloy, monel, Inconel, titanium, tantalum, zirconium, etc
  • (2) Non metals: graphite, fluoroplastics, plexiglass;
  • (3) Metal composite nonmetal.

Naming rules for bursting discs

Type code + caliber – Design bursting pressure – Design bursting temperature, such as yc100-1.0-100 model YC, design bursting pressure 1.0MPa, design bursting temperature 100 ℃, indicating that the design bursting pressure of this bursting disc at 100 ℃ is 1.0MPa.

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