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What is a mixed oil and gas pump

What is a mixed oil and gas pump?

The oil-gas mixed transportation pump is a kind of equipment specially used for transporting crude oil products. Compared with the separation method, it does not need to add a separation device, so that the crude oil products can be directly transported to the processing base, especially suitable for the long-distance transportation of crude oil mixtures. Its advantages are as follows: reduce wellhead back pressure, expand oil gathering radius, increase oil and gas production, reduce project investment and operation cost, and facilitate production management.

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Main categories of oil-gas mixed transport pumps

Single screw pump

Single screw pump can be used to transport fluids of single or multiple media, including neutral or corrosive, clean or abrasive, containing gas or easy to produce bubbles, high viscosity or low viscosity, and liquids containing fiber or solid particles. It is widely used in various industrial departments.

Twin screw oil-gas pump

When the screw pump works, the liquid is sucked into the closed space surrounded by the thread and the pump shell. When the screw rotates, the sealing volume of the screw pump increases the pressure of the screw pump under the extrusion of the screw teeth and moves along the axial direction. Due to the constant speed rotation of the screw, the flow is uniform. Due to the mutual engagement of each screw and the close cooperation between the screw and the inner wall of the liner, the suction and discharge ports of the pump are divided into one or more confined spaces. With the movement and engagement of the screw, the confined space is continuously formed at the suction end of the pump to seal the liquid in the suction chamber, and continuously move from the suction chamber to the discharge end to continuously discharge the closed liquid. V can be used to transport fuel oil, lubricating oil, polymer, viscous substances, etc.

Reciprocating oil-gas pump

Reciprocating pump is a positive displacement pump, which uses the reciprocating motion of piston or plunger in the pump cylinder to transport liquid. That is, it also achieves the purpose of conveying liquid by means of the periodic change of the volume in the working chamber.

Application of oil-gas mixed transmission pump

  • Shipbuilding: used as marine loading pump, sweeping pump, marine ballast pump, main engine oil pump, fuel transfer pump, fuel injection pump, cargo pump, etc; V thermal power plant: used as heavy oil and crude oil delivery pump, heavy oil fuel pump, etc;
  • Chemical industry: used as delivery pump for all kinds of acid-base salt liquid, resin, pigment, ink, paint, glycerol and paraffin;
  • Refinery: it is used to transport all kinds of heating oil, asphalt oil, tar, emulsion, asphalt and various oil products used as oil transportation and oil tank truck;
  • Food: used in distillery, food factory, sugar factory and Cannery to transport alcohol, honey, sugar juice, toothpaste, milk, cream, soy sauce, vegetable oil, animal oil, etc;
  • Oil field: transport all kinds of oil products, crude oil, etc.

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