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Why should the tool be deliberately “passivated”?

Why should the tool be deliberately “passivated”? The CNC tools used in the machining center are not as fast as possible. Why should passivation be carried out?

Isn’t the faster the CNC tool used in a machining center, the better, so why do we need to passivate it? In fact, tool dulling is not what we literally understand, but a way to improve tool life.
The quality of the tool is improved through the process of smoothing, polishing and deburring. It is actually a normal process after the tool is finely ground and before it is coated.

What is tool dulling?

By deburring, smoothing and polishing the tool. This improves the quality of the tool and extends its life. The name of this process is not uniform at home and abroad, but it is called “edge passivation”, “edge strengthening”, “edge honing”, “edge preparation” or “cutting edge preparation”. “Edge preparation” or “ER (EdgeRadiusing) treatment”, etc.

Why do we need to passivate tools?

After sharpening by ordinary grinding wheels or diamond grinding wheels, the cutting edge of the tool has microscopic notches of different degrees (i.e. micro chipping and sawing). In the cutting process, the tool edge micro-notch is very easy to expand, speeding up the tool wear and damage.
Modern high-speed cutting and automated machine tools put forward higher requirements for tool performance and stability, especially coated tools must be passivated before coating, in order to ensure the solidity of the coating and service life.

Purpose of tool passivation

The purpose of edge passivation technology is to solve the defects of the microscopic notch of the tool edge after sharpening, so that its sharpness value is reduced or eliminated, and the purpose is to achieve a smooth, smooth, sharp and durable edge.

The main effect of tool dulling

Rounding of the cutting edge: Removal of the cutting edge burr and precise and consistent rounding of the cutting edge.
After passivation, the cutting edge becomes smooth, which greatly reduces chipping and improves the surface finish of the workpiece.

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Polishing of the groove of the row of cutting

Uniform polishing of the groove of the tool improves the surface quality and the performance of the row of cutting.
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The flatter and smoother the groove surface, the better the chip evacuation and the higher cutting speed can be achieved. At the same time, the improved surface quality reduces the risk of the tool biting into the material being machined. It also reduces cutting forces by 40%, resulting in smoother cutting.

Coating polishing

It removes the protruding droplets produced by the tool coating, improves the surface finish, and increases the adsorption of lubricant.
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The surface of the tool after coating will produce some tiny protruding droplets, which increases the surface roughness and makes the tool easily generate large frictional heat during cutting and reduces the cutting speed. After passivation and polishing, the droplets are removed and many small holes are left, which can absorb more cutting fluid during machining, thus reducing the heat generated during cutting and greatly increasing the cutting speed.

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